Do NOT Copy

Do NOT Copy

What Fungi (s)

No, I'm not talking about Cheesehead although it IS true about him too.

No, I'm referring to these guys that were found growing in my yard the other day. I also just realized I didn't even get pictures of all of them that are growing in my yard. Here are the five that I took pictures of a few days ago.

I have no idea what any of these mushrooms are called and I have not had any time to try to figure out if they're edible or not. They are still growing out in my yard somewhere. By the time I get it figured out I'm sure they'll be done growing. I have been busy planting my new finds, polying and installing door, knobs, and trim, cleaning Peanut's room and the garage, and now I have started getting the subbing phone calls to boot. Soon the basement finishing work will be done and I will be able to check another finished project off the list.

Some of them are larger than others. This one was the largest I have seen in my yard. It grew all by itself (not in a clump) and was probably the size of the palm of my hand.

We had some small, low growing orange ones. They're around the size of a finger tip. Don't thet look like miniature bowls?

Most of the mushrooms grew in groups of two or more. These had some highly visable gills on the under side.

These look like they're a bit dried out, don't they? The edges are cracked and dry looking.

More small mushrooms. Do you see the pine needle in the picture? Actually I think they are in more than just this one. Also moss. We have lots of both around here. Apparently we also have a large variety of mushrooms too.

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