Do NOT Copy

Do NOT Copy

Frost already? Say it isn't so!

We had a frost advisory, so this should come as no surprise. Isn't it too early in the fall to have frost though? I'm sure Cheesehead was grumbling at me this morning as he was scraping his windows. You see, I've been too busy to move the stuff from the garage to the shed so we are still not able to park our cars in the garage yet. I guess that means I've got too much going on.

Clearing out the garage will become a priority this weekend. Right after I poly the moldings that is. I need a warmish spot to do my work now, don't I? Hopefully I'll get that finished today, we'll see how motivated I am. I have to be prety motivated though not to drop by and chat with everyone though since I like talking with my cyber buds!

Once again tecnology is trying to stand in my way of communicating, but I will prevail. These pictures are straight off my camera with no editing help from the computer since it is refusing to upload my pictures. Grr. That just means it will take me longer to get to the real work of the day. Maybe I've got my priorities messed up....

Anyway, there is frost just about everywhere out there. I could see my breath puff out of my mouth as I talked to Peanut on the way to the bus stop. There is a brisk chill to the air that makes the body scream out a request for more than just a spring jacket on mornings like this. I suppose I should haul out the winter coats. I am pretty sure that means the petunias are done for.

My side yard grass that I just planted is coming in nicely, but surprisingly that is the only area of the yard that didn't get frost. I guess my grass is being protected. Yay. Some of it is almost 4 inches tall already. See it coming in in the background there? The cool, wet weather has helped it to come in beautifully. Here's hoping it gets well established this fall so I have a wonderful yard come spring.

In the foreground you can see my vinca run wild. I guess it's trying to escape the cold, vying for it's freedom. I have never let it get this long before. I suppose that's yet another sign that I've been a bit too busy as of late....

With all of this cold weather abounding as of late, I went up to check on the beehive. Apparently the blackberry and hazelnut bushes surrounding it aren't caring for all of this cold weather, the leaves are dropping like crazy. The ferns are withering up, leaving a pretty clear shot of the hive. I almost went closer to see if the bees were gone for the year, but the thought of that last bee sting made me rethink that. They're probably gone, but better to be safe than sorry.

Some of the trees are protesting this sudden cold snap too. The ash tree has already dropped just about all of it's leaves. Do you see that poor little scrawny stick in front of the maple tree? The colors on the maple have moved to more reds than anything, but it is still alive with color.

It seems that fall is already on it's way out here making room for another long winter.

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