Do NOT Copy

Do NOT Copy

Turn off the Noise!

Okay, has this political season drove anyone else as crazy as it has me? I mean, my dad used to vote religiously religiously every year. Why on earth would he suddenly STOP? Hmm, I can think of only one thing that's kept him away from the polls these last few elections. If you were to guess death, you would be correct. NOTHING else would keep him from the polls OR discussing politics. Why then does he get so many pieces of mail at my house asking him to vote for someone or to contribute to a campaign? He had such a passion for politics, he and my sister used to debate each and every year. He was an election judge more times than I can count on both hands. He even went to the primaries every year. I have been a bit lax about voting, but at least I have never missed a presidential election.

A rant just started rolling around in my head. It struck me as such a valid point I had to post it wherever I had available to post it. So, here it is...

Sorry, I know this isn't a popular topic but all of these political commercials and slander are driving me absolutely insane. Are people really of the opinion that you tell people something often enough that it really becomes true?
It just floors me that everyone always points fingers at everyone else and accepts no blame in anything. What ever happened to the whole idea of taking responsiblity for our actions and choices? Isn't that what we are trying to teach our children or doesn't anyone care if our children learn to be responsible?

The democrats blame the republicans and George Bush for everything. Who's been in charge of the both the house and the senate the last two years anyway? He's not in there writing laws and then patting himself on the back for a job well done, he simply signed into law what the majority of politicians voted for in the first place.

Wake up America. It's no one party's fault. All politicians are equally to blame no matter what you hear them telling you in a political advertising commercial. Our main problem has become that everyone is becoming greedy, wanting everything for their own interests and not caring about the general public. I think a good way to help address this issue is to stop allowing people to choose being a politician as a career, wasn't it meant as a side line job to help the voice of the people be heard anyway?

Don't be fooled by lies and false promises. Shiny bobbles dangled in front of voters should not in itself entice a voter to vote for someone. I don't know about you, but doesn't offering something (money) in exchange for something else (your vote) constitute bribery?

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