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Do NOT Copy

Treasures Galore

On a recent trip to Goodwill, I was reminded of the treasures that my grandmother used to make. I guess she isn't technically my REAL grandma, but she's the only grandmother I ever knew. My real grandmother died back when my father was back in college, LONG before I was ever even thought of. Recently I have begun wondering what my other grandmother was like. I suppose it is because of the ancestry research.

Back to the point of this particular post though which was a beautiful knit ensemble I saw hanging on the rack at Goodwill. It had these beautiful little flowers sewed onto it. This lovely baby sweater and bootie set portrayed such a feeling of innocence, it was absolutely captivating. I briefly contemplated buying it, but I had no use for it and decided to leave it for someone who actually might need something like that.

As I ran my hands over the soft, lovingly knitted yarn I couldn't help but let my mind wander back to all of the things my grandmother hat knit and/or crocheted for me.

There were countless hats and mittens, pillows,

vase covers for our wedding table center pieces, and

(My first afghan from her)

(College graduation afghan)

(our wedding aghan)
an afghan for every special occassion that she made for me.

She made booties for my children,

a baptism afghan for each of them, and a wonderful sweater for my daughter.

I suppose she may have taken a while to venture into sweater making later in life. I have most of the things she made around my house still, except the hats and mittens. I couldn't imagine giving that love away to anyone else who wasn't part of my family. I hope to keep these treasures for my grandkids one day, they'll be family heirlooms as long as I'm alive.

Does it seem selfish of me to hang on so greedily to these things? I took pictures of them, but I can't get my computer to pull up the pictures. Ack! Technology!

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