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Scenting Homemade Soap Ideas

I got this great book at Goodwill this summer about making your own cleaners and stuff. One of the things it has in it is how to make soap with meat fat, so I am making a plan to make some soap.

My dilemma is I want to make it scented but it doesn't really say much about that in there. I love lavendar but my two plants are done blooming for the year. Do their stems smell too?

I have lots of plants in my yard, but it's been so cold that they're pretty much stems and leaves only at this point. How do I use them? Do I need blooms to scent my soap?

What else can I use with all of my blooms done already? I guess I didn't really plan this project out very well, did I? Any ideas you have to share with me would be greatly appreciated!

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