Do NOT Copy

Do NOT Copy

No Sense of Smell

Ugh, what a day. I have developed a pretty nasty head cold (or allergy problem) so I have almost zero in the smell department. I guess that's good if I'm cleaning the cat boxes, but not so good when I'm searching for things to scent my soaps with. I may end up just picking and drying a bunch of stems of things hoping that I may be able to use one of them later. Would that be a silly idea?

At least the headache is lessening somewhat so I may get the pumpkin carving done and bring the kids to town for trick or treating this afternoon. Not sure if I'll feel like doing much of anything else but I guess a gal should take a day off every now and then!

I'll attempt to take some pictures too of both the trick-or-treaters and their pumpkin carving antics, but I'm not making any promises. In case you didn't know the new camera I just bought last spring has a cracked LCD screen. Since there is no regular view finder I have no way of knowing what it is I'm actually taking a picture of.

My last camera just broke last winter, it just stopped working one day for some reason. At least that had both an LCD screen AND a viewfinder! I tried all new batteries and everything but nothing I did seemed to make it work again. I'm not sure what it is with cameras and me, we don't seem to get along very well lately.

If you add that to the fiasco with the computer not wanting to read the pictures off the memory cards, now you know why I haven't been putting up too many pictures.

I may just have to take a technological break today so I can get my old computer up and running again. I've got a ton of pictures on there I've been wanting to share with you.

Now my headache's coming back. Maybe I should take a nap instead!

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