Do NOT Copy

Do NOT Copy

We Survived a Day at the Doctor

What a crazy day we had today! After driving 2 hours to the clinic, they called and talked to MIL to cancel our appointments for today. Luckily the RN we were seeing first had just come out to meet with us and she got everything rearranged for us.

Count for blood taken? 14 vials. Poor kid! Now we just wait to hear the results. Grandma is treating him to Tula's for his bravery tonight. I don't think she's so happy with me though...

She went to make herself some toast for breakfast this morning and got out a butter container. After spreading it on her toast and taking a bite she realized it wasn't butter at all, but meat fats I've been saving up for a soap making project. To be fair, it IS labelled on the top of the container. I'm sure she wasn't expecting something other than butter to be in a butter container. I suppose I should have warned her about it before we left the house at 6 am this morning...

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