Do NOT Copy

Do NOT Copy

Book Tag Fun

I love to read so imagine my delite when two of my favorite blogs (Nola at Alamo North and Dee from Red Dirt Ramblings) were both playing a rowsing game of book tag. I think it was Kathi that tagged me a while back, too but I procrastinated as usual. Sorry but I've been a bit busy lately. Never too busy to read though, just too busy to write about it!

What am I reading now? I am in the midst of reading about 5 books right now. I bet some of you probably may think that makes me just a bit crazy, but you never know what you'll be in the mood to read at any given time so I like to read a variety. I have three books on the couch by me right now. Two of them were in a pile together so it was a toss up of which one to choose.

For the games Kathi and Dee were playing we're supposed to open the book to page 56 and write down the 5th sentence as well as the next 2-3 sentences to give the readers some context of what is going on.

I actually grabbed the one on top of the pile Your Country Kitchen by Jocasta Innes first. When I opened it to page 56 and picked the 5th paragraph I decided there really wasn't enough context to get the idea of what was going on even after adding the next 2 or 3 sentences as directed. What was it talking about? Making your own beer.

I grabbed the other book in the pile which was titled Landscaping with Herbs by Jim Wilson. Only three sentences on that page captioning pictures. Hmm, I guess I'm not doing very well! I suppose I could just turn further in the book, but would that be considered following the directions then? Next book, please!

The last book on the couch is These Happy Golden Years by Laura Ingalls Wilder. Let's hope this one works out better than the other two! Jackpot. Here's what the book says. Tommy smiled, so she gave him a spelling book and a new piece of chalk. When he had copied his lesson, she praised his writing and told him that he could now study his spelling from the board. She gave the spelling book to Ruby.

Nola's game of book tag asks us to say 7 random book facts about us, so here goes!
1. This is the last of the Laura Ingalls Wilder books I have to read.
2. I didn't read them all in order, I read the ones I owned first.
3. This one is borrowed from the local library as are the other two books on the couch. I own the other two books I'm currently reading, one is in my subbing bag out in the van and the other is on my bedside table.
4. I like to read books about Star Wars. Except the x wing squadron books, for some reason I can't get into those. I have a large library of Star Wars books.
5. I use receipts as book marks in the books I read even though we own a bazillion book marks. I never seem to be near a bookmark when I need one, but receipts are usually very close by. Most of those receipts are really the printout slip reminding me of when the book is due back though so I suppose I shouldn't really call them receipts.
6. When we buy books I tend to buy used books. They're cheaper than new and the funds usually benefit a good cause so it's a double bonus.
7. I don't really have a favorite type of book to read. I'm an ecclectic type of person and my book choices reflect that fact. I tend to choose mostly spiritual, self help, diy, gardening, crafting, home decorating, non-fiction, science fiction, education, and children's books.

We're supposed to tag 5 (or 7) people but I am going to just tell whoever want to play to go right ahead and play along.

Thank you for stopping by. Please leave me a message and a backlink. I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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