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Do NOT Copy

Can They do That?

So I was minding my own business working to get my home mortgages for my house in MN figured out. You know how much I've been stressing about this over the last year. The bottom is falling out now.

I logged onto our account yesterday and they had taken all of my money out of BOTH my checking and my savings accounts. In all they took almost $2,000 from us. I didn't even get told this was even a possibility of happening. I've been talking so much with both the bank and the bill collectors I feel like we're almost on a first name basis with them. Why didn't they tell me they could and would do this?

Now I have NO idea how I'm going to pay our bills that are coming up to be automatically withdrawn out of our accounts this week. We need to come up with $1,000 fast. With no savings or checking we are going to have a whole lot of bouncing checks too. No one will give us a loan with a foreclosure looming on the horizon and we have almost nothing available on some credit cards that we used to be able to buy anything we wanted on them. As unreasonable as they're being I don't know that they will even contemplate waiving those charges for the bounced checks either. It's NOT my fault!

How can they just steal all of my money like that? I've been a good customer of theirs for almost 20 years, why are they being so unreasonable and crazy now? I keep calling them and trying to figure out a way to refinance our current house to add that loan to it but I don't want to triple the interest rate I'm paying either. They keep saying I can't refinance anyway. How can they be so unreasonable with someone who's trying to get them money, but just doesn't have the means to do it? Are we going to loose the house we're living in now because of this second mortgage on our other house that they forced us to take out when we didn't even really want to?

I'm trying to practically give that house away so I can be rid of the problem, but it isn't working. No one's buying.I've done everything in my power I could do and asked every question to every person I could find. I've done everything I can humanly do, yet it's just never good enough. What in the world am I going to do?

I'm so stressed! Where's the chocolate? Any advise? Do you know a good lawyer? I can't afford to pay any fees though either. What on earth are we supposed to do????

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