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November Bloom Day

I didn't think I would have very many blooms outside and I was right. Lots to look at and babble about though, so this may be my longest post ever. Just call me jabber jaws!

Surprisingly my pansies are still hanging in there. It's been lows in the teens and twenties latelyI hope some of them go to seed before they die for the year, these little pansies are so pretty aren't they? I suppose I did too good of a job deadheading them in warmer weather. Now I have to urge the little thing to hurry up and make a few seeds.

I should have some mums to show you too, but I never bought any of that spray on them so they got chomped by some critter or another. I did manage to put up some soap in my apple trees to hopefully keep them from getting eaten by those nasty dear that enjoyed them so much last year. I'm not sure that it will work, but I figured I'd never know if I didn't give it a try.

The hydrangeas that struggled their way into bloom for October didn't last long. They didn't all even get to bloom this year. I have some of their dried blooms left on the bush though.

I finally got those roses snipped and brought in. I'm not sure if some of them were worth snipping, but I decided to bring them in anyway. I got this cute little bud vase when my son was born. Doesn't it look like it was made for them?

These poor little...candies? lost their home for the time being. I didn't hear them grumble too much when I took them out. I haven't had the heart to try to eat them, I got them from my friends when I moved from MN and when I look at them I remember them and the fun times we used to have.

Now I just need to find a protective place for them so the cats won't eat them alive. I'm pretty confident that at least two of them will bloom but I don't know if some of them have enough energy stored up in them for some of the small ones to bloom. I don't think I'll have enough rose petals for my soap scenting though. From the research I did it requires a lot of petals. Even if all of these somehow manage to bloom I just don't think it's going to be able to happen this year. I'll have some rose soap next year though!

I used to think our bathroom was a safe place to keep plants away from the cats, but apparently Cheesehead lets them into our bathroom every morning. Speedy attacked my poor scheflora plant to death. I wondered why it was wilting and I babied it all I could. I had no idea why it was whithering away after I managed to keep it alive for over two years to have it suddenly up and die on me. Evidently she enjoyed a morning wrestle with the plant. They don't like much activity and are very sensitive plants. I guess he must not have been aware of that. By the time we got everything pieced together it was too late to revive the plant.

Our pine trees were kind enough to put down a thick blanket of pine needles all over our yard. I have already cleaned it several times, I don't think I'll bother again. I sure hope that all of the acidity doesn't hurt the other plants. You'll probably see a bunch of needles in some of my other pictures too.

The companion plants don't seem to like the cold very much but it doesn't seem to bother the dusty millers. I've been thinking about trying to propogate some of these hearty annuals since they're still hanging in there. What do you think?

I also have the vinca, spikes, and a cordyline that are still thriving. I didn't go down by the road to take a picture of my whisky barrel this morning since I was wearing my pj's again but I trust that you'll just take my word for it. Soon I should have room to bring my tabletop greenhouse in to my craft room too. I'm rather excited about the prospect of having my craft room ready for projects.

If you've never seen any of my projects, I do a wide variety of things in there including things for my garden. I didn't actually make the wooden flower, but I painted it. I think I might be able to make some more of these beauties in the future though, they don't look too hard to make. I've got plenty of scrap lumber!

I also fixed these Packer ducks after the weathered a hail storm a couple of years ago. I'm still working in fixing Cheesehead's fishing guy which was damaged in the same storm though. I'm also going to make some bird houses and/or feeders.

I enjoy feeding animals as long as they don't eat everything up on me. They can help themselves to the berries on both the burning bush and barberry bushes since I have no clue of what I could do with any of those berries.

I enjoyed our walk through the garden together this morning. I suppose I'd better go get dressed and get some work done if I want to take some time off this afternoon for some family fun!

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