Do NOT Copy

Do NOT Copy

Common Packing Mistakes

Since Thanksgiving is now passed we got out our Christmas stuff today and prepared to deck the place out in all of it's Christmas glory. I had a bit of trouble though, so I thought I might share some tips with you so your decorations won't suffer the same fate as some of mine did.

1. When packing breakable ornaments, make sure that they have plenty of padding. If you think that one layer of newspaper will be enough, think again! I lost an ornament and two candle holders because of careless packing done last year.

2. Lights should be pulled tightly on a rolled up newspaper or cord winder. This just might save you a few hours of untangling light bulbs. It may also prevent breakage of a few light bulbs.

3. When you put your garland away you may want to wrap this tightly onto a rolled up newspaper roll as well. If you don't your "tinsel" garland may end up with a few bald spots and you beads will end up in a tangled mess.

4. Snow globes are NOT a good thing to store in a garage where temperatures reach well below freezing. Store them in your basement instead. It may save you a whole box of fabric Chrsitmas crafts that would have to be thrown out because of a heavy mold infestation. The moisture from the exploded globe was trapped in a water tight plastic box all summer. Everything had about 1/4 of an inch of white mold covering every visible surface when I opened the box today. EEEWWW!

5. Do not place heavy objects on top of fabric flowers unless you plan on spending a long time fluffing them back up to their original condition.

6. Okay, all of these little lessons can lead back to one major mistake I made last year. Do NOT under any circumstances allow your husband to put away your Christmas decor if you're ever planning on using any of it again. Sigh.

(Memo to self: Put reminder on calendar to put the tree away the day after Christmas so Cheesehead doesn't do it again this year.)

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