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Do NOT Copy

All I Want for Christmas

All of this talk about Santa stories, kindness from strangers, and thinking about son questioning the exsistance of the tooth fairy has really got my mind racing.

OFB from Poor Richard's Alamac wrote a letter to Santa on their blog. I thought that would be a wonderful idea and I decided Santa could come and read it on my blog just as easily as he could open an envelope.

Dear Santa,

Thank you so much for the kind gifts you have given to my family in the past. I know that in these tough economic times our Christmas may not end up as robust as it has in the past, but I do hope to give my children the best Christmas possible. If that means I don't get gifts, so be it. It is gift enough to see their eyes light up on Christmas morning, hearing their giddy squeals, and helping them excitedly ripping open their new packages for us to play with together. Please help me to get enough work so we can get our bills paid off as quickly as possble. If there is some money left in the budget I would greatly appreciate a food dehydrator and a pressure canner to preserve my future garden foods with and maybe a camera that I can see images of pictures I am taking on the screen.

I know that my kids would love a Wii system. I know that they are hard to come by, but they like to play video games so much I really think having a system which requires movement from the video game players might help with the much wished for weight loss. You know this is seriously needed by 3/4 of our family, what great motivation a video game system could be to aid us in getting in shape.

Cheesehead has been seriously drooling over a slicer so we can buy meats and cheeses in bulk and save more money. He could also really use some new shoes, pants, and shirts since our clothing budget has been non-existant recently.

I know that you will do your best to help us. Please feel free to let me know what kind of treats you would prefer for us to set out for you on Christmas Eve by voting on the sidebar poll.


P.S. Please take the cross ornament that Peanut made for you last year. It is 1/2 way up the tree and it clearly states "for Santa" on it.

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