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Family Findings

I just love finding new family members, it's exhilerating. I found Cheesehead's grandfather's grandparents' census records last night. It was so exciting. These moments bring me so much joy when I can tell MIL what I have found too. She has even started talking to her dad about these people too, I guess I'm getting her hooked too. He only seems to remember 7 kids but the census lists 9 of them so I still have to figure out what happened along the way to make 2 dissappear.

There was a sister of one of my great grandparents who moved away to Texas when the rest of the family stayed in MN. My great aunt told me that this particular person moved away because of an affair that she had with her sister's husband which resulted in a pregnancy and subsequent adoption of said child. Some of her 1/2 siblings are still living, but I wonder if this adoptee knows if she has family she doesn't even know out there. I wonder if she's alive still, if so she would be in her 90's. I'm sure at this point she really wouldn't care if she never found the dysfunctional family that gave her up.

I have found so many wonderful nuggets about my family members that I never knew before. I was given a book of my grandpa's memories when I was confirmed, I need to find that book and see if it has some more information I can add to my research in there.

It's amazing what people start to remember when you find records with family member's names too. There are names I've never heard of, but others can tell me things about that person which can lead to even more new information. Sometimes I find it hard to pull myself away from my research to do anything else, but I know there are other things I need to do.

My dad's side of the family all came from Sweden. There are so many Swedish towns that they have come from, it's hard to remember them all. I need to do some research on them. Some of these places include Motala, Vodersta, and Grefbeck. The people are all different branches of the same family. Are these towns all from different areas or all the same area?

I want desperatley to subscribe to the world service at so I can look up more information about them. I probably couldn't read the records if they were in Swedish anyway, but maybe I'll learn how to someday. Who were their parents? Did they leave sisters and brothers behind? Where did they live? So many questions, so little access to what I want to lay my hands on!

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