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Thanksgiving Plans

I wanted to wish you all a very happy Thanksgiving spent with your family and friends. I think that this is one of the best holidays, well Christmas too (not for the gifts though).

Many people are travelling to various places for their festivities. We will be staying close to home since Cheesehead has to close tonight and open Friday morning. MIL and BIL will be coming over tomorrow.

I will enlist the children into helping me clean the house before our company arrives. After the work, we will be heading outside to roast hotdogs and marshmellows over the fire pit. We need to try to make some lye for my soap making project, so we'll not only have some fun, but we'll be getting some work done too! We will also play games and watch movies today. I don't think we'll do much other than the cleaning though. We may make some Swedish Christmas crafts for the kids to give their cousins on Christmas.

Most of the preparations are made already so I just have to relax and wait for them to come. Well, there is the small matter of cooking the turkey I suppose, but that's a pretty easy task to accomplish. I invited mom over too, but she has to work tomorrow so she will be joining some friends for their festivities.

Our house in MN has had two showings this week, but still no offers are being made. Only two weeks left, it will be nice to have less to worry about. It would be even nicer if it sold today but I'm not going to hold my breath or anything.

I want to get to Menards for the Friday sale early since they have a few things on sale that we still need for our bathroom. I hope they don't sell out of the things I want before I get there. No gifts left to buy since we aren't doing muchfor Christmas this year, but I think we'll put up the Christmas tree this weekend too.

What are your plans? We have a lot to be thankful for, don't we?

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