Do NOT Copy

Do NOT Copy

Frustrated and Irritated

I may have mentioned a little over a week ago that I was in the process of assembling a home gym to some of you. I plan on getting back in shape so I can feel fit enough to keep up with the vegetable garden I plan on putting in next spring.

This particular home gym I bought with a little bit of our tax money going on 4 (or was it 5?) years ago. At least it made the move easier than it would have had I not been lazy and assembled it right away! Last weekend it finally made it out of the box it was purchased in and it got mostly assembled.

I like to assemble things and I can usually figure out how to put it together without any directions. It's a gift, don't ask me how it all comes so easy to me because I have NO idea. I often get recruited into building things for people. On our honeymoon I spent my days assembling our RTA furniture, but that's a story for another time.

Back to the point. I got it all completely put together in one day until I got to looping the pulleys and the uh... chain(?) to attach the weights. I got about 1/2 way done with that part last Sunday and decided to call it quits for the night, I haven't looked at it since then.

I worked two full days last week, cleaned the house, entertained company (MIL and BIL came over for a day to loan us some money to get our bills paid despite the banks' efforts to cause us to become behind on all of our bills), ran to assorted appointments, and all of the normal housewife-y type errands as well as transfering and opening a new checking account and all of that "fun" stuff.

I went downstairs to pick up where I left off and I found a jumbled mess.

They were all like that. I had 7 of the properly threaded and tightend into place. Apparently son has decided it would be a great way to exercise (even though no weights are hooked up yet) and got it all messed up. Now the cord is no longer resting where it belongs on the pulleys. I am going to have to undo all of the pulley work I had done and redo it all. This entails loosening the nuts and bolts and reexamining the diagram. ARGH!

Since the kids will be coming home in just 3 short hours I think I'll have to let this project wait yet again so I have time to get it finished without their... um, help?. I guess it's waited this long to be used, what's a few more days? Somehow I think the pulleys are going to take me longer to figure out than assembling the whole rest of the gym!

Well, I guess I need to go into town to run yet more errands, pick daughter up from school, watch son's basketball game, and come home in time to make dinner. Geez, when I "say" it out loud it sure sounds like an awful ot of work to do!

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