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Do NOT Copy

Use your Voice, Vote!

Tomorrow is not only our chance to voice our opinions on the major elections, but also local elections. This is the third straight time that our school district has tried to pass a referendum. The community seems very torn about this issue, and I'd have to agree it's for good reason. There are YES signs all over the community, the NO voters are more lown key though. Except these neighbors. I thought the pork propane tank was a very creative idea and I just had to share a picture of it.

So I suppose you may be wondering why our community is so torn. Our schools need to be supported, education is very important. I would say pretty much everyone in the community is for helping our children to get the education that they deserve. The issues come in to play when you start discussing the "pork" that they are trying to pass with this important issue.

What is the pork? They want a new fieldhouse and a swimming pool. While those are nice things to have, most of the "no" voters just want to give money for our children's education. They want those who support the construction of the pool and field house to raise money by having funraisers instead of forcing the taxpayers to support extra curricular activities. I can see the validity of that argument.

I guess I'm not so sure why they keep trying to cram it all into the referendum together. I mean do they think if they try to shove the same exact package through it will eventually get passed? They tried to get a multi use facility before so many "no" voters seem to think these people really don't have the best interests of our children's education in mind, the money for education was thrown on later as an add-on to get an unpopular idea passed.

I'm not so sure that the people really want to give the kids and schools money or they might consider splitting the referendum into more questions. If enough people support paying for these items they'll vote for it. If they don't, it will continue to fail.

Why is it everything always seems to need to be lumped together in this country anyway? It seems like all areas of our government seem to think that this is the only way to do anything. I think we should be asked to vote for each individual idea independantly of anything else.

As far as the referendum is concerned I guess I am a bit torn too. Do I stand up for my kids' education or for my belief of thinking we should be given the chance to vote seperately for each component of their plan. I better decide soon, voting starts at 8 am tomorrow!

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