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My Great Great Grandpa Wolf

I wanted to share the face of my great great grandpa Wolf with Linda. She and her friends have helped my 2 cousins and I to find more information on our family than I ever dares to dream of finding.

Isreal came over from Sweden with two of his brothers in 1883. The two of the brothers changed their names upon arrival in America. Apparently WOlf sounded a bit wild to them or something.

They worked at the Sing Sing prison together in New York until they could afford to travel to MN where they began farming. Isreal and John came to the Balaton, MN area and raised their family near each other. We have found their names together in each census record that we have found. We are still researching why the third brother moved to a different area of MN.

Since Linda sent me that great piece of information we may have discovered many other family members who may have later followed the three brothers to MN. This puzzle has been so much fun for us to put together! We have pictures of the families that attended a family reunion in 1952 but we only seem to be able to identify the people from our line so far. We are working together to discover some more of our more distant relatives so we can name the unknown faces and share them with their descendants. It's so neat to see pictures of people that you may not have even known exsist, isn't it?

This is the picture of Isreal Wolf and his wife Dorothea (Larson) and their children. (Isreal is the man with the mustache and his wife is to his right) I don't want to label anyone wrongly, but I think Amanda (Grandpa's mom) is the second from our right in the back row. Isreal died in 1930, long before I was born so I was never given the chance to get to know him. My grandpa told me some stories about the family when I was younger, but I didn't pay enough attention to recall all of the details. Luckily my grandpa was insightful enough to write articles about them that my cousins and I have also recently discovered. Thank God! My prayers were answered and Grandpa is answering some of those questions I never got the chance to ask him though he has been gone for over 5 years now.

I am thinking about taking an ancestry vacation with my family at the end of next summer to do some more research. Hopefully I'll be able to meet up with my cousins too. I'm looking for museums and cemetaries for now and I'm hoping to be able to read through some of the newspaper archives. We will find the places my ancestors used to live and hopefully find their final resting places too. Cheesehead thinks this sounds like the most enjoyable vacation I've planned so far. Who would have known?

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