Do NOT Copy

Do NOT Copy

How to Ruin Christmas

Many people have been turning their attention to Christmas posts lately. I thought of a few tips to share with you while browsing through other's posts.

1. You cat lovers out there may appreicate this one. Do you remember a few days ago how I posted about our home made Christmas tree? All of the ornaments were spread all over the tree.

Don't plan on all of your decorations staying where you placed them. Some well meaning soul may want to help with a little redecoration.

Apparently Speedy doesn't like the silk poinsettas to stay on the tree. I can't blame her confusion, most people don't put flowers on a tree. None of the other ornaments seem to belong on the tree either. Anything with a hook she has figured out how to remove if I didn't wrap the fake tree's branch around it. She even figured out how to get some of those off the tree. Notice the northward migration all ornaments have made to keep out of her reach?

Tree skirts aren't meant to lay on the ground either, they must be there to cover her up. You may not be able to see her, but she's sitting under the tree on the lower right hand side of your screen. If she needs a blanket I wonder why she has fur....

2. Don't expect perfection.

Believe it or not this little duck started out it's life intending to be a snowman er... person? Plans changed when the "carrot" wouldn't stay glued shut to conceal the pin holding it in place. A beak was born and our snowperson became a snow duck instead. The wings were actually scraps from a felt snowflake in the next tip!

3. Don't give home made gifts to people who don't appreciate them.

Of course I still need to add the strings to these ornaments to make them ready to hang on the tree, but that's okay. I will put one of these into each of those stockings I made in my last post. Again I come to the dillemma of which one goes to which child.

4. Don't expect everyone to spend Christmas day with you. I mean it's not about the day really, is it? We don't know the exact day that Jesus was born on, what we're celebrating is his gift of hope to the world, not the fact that it's December 25th.

One of my friends once accused the Christians of lying to get the pagans on deck with the celebration of Christmas. Whatever, I'm not going to pretend to know all of the facts. It's not about the day, it's about sharing love, charity, kindness, and appreciation. We can not be every place on one day, it's just too stressful. Know that your loved ones are thinking of you and show your consideration for their feelings when you make you Christmas plans.

Be flexible, communicate, and work together. Christmas isn't supposed to be about creating hard feeling for unrealistic expectations or spending lots of money. Christmas is what we make it to be. Be joyful and share the love this Christmas and every day.

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