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To Winterize or Not

Many of you may know that the house in MN that we tried to sell for over two years has been foreclosed on. According to the original communication that we got from the bank we had 6 months from the sheriff's sale to redeem it. That landed us on December 16. I have been trying to contact the bank for a couple of weeks since I haven't heard from them in a while. I have sat on hold for over 1/2 an hour a couple of times onlyto get cut off. If I try to call other departments of the bank I get endlessly tranferred around until I get so frustrated that I just hang up.

My mom moved out last weekend so I no longer hasve someone else to pay the utilities. I can't afford to throw away money, but the utility companies won't take the bills out of my name until the bank contacts them. The realtor wants us to keep the utilites on so if someone buys it they'll be on for inspections. Why should I pay for something hat isn't even mine anymore? We had two showings this week too, but I don't think I could even choose to accept any offers made at this point.

Since the bank is too busy to care what's going on my neighbor says we should just winterize it and turn all utilities off. I'm so frastrated at this point I can't even stand it. What's a people pleasing perspn like me supposed to do?

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