Do NOT Copy

Do NOT Copy

Trials and Tribulations

Many people bemoan the fact that we have many trials and tribulations that we all must suffer through in life. I have found myself complaining about them too, probably a little too often. I think we all do, but we fail to think of the lessons in life that we forget without these very same trials. Those trials remind us of the lessons we learned as youth and have forgotten with the passage of time.

These trials are brought into our lives for various reasons. We may not even know why we have been put into the position we are in, we simply move through life and hope for the best. We need to remember not to just go through the motions in life, I tend to do this too often too. With prayer, I know that I can find the answers to all of my questions if I just have enough patience.

Sometimes we need reminders of what is truly important. Maybe we have forgotten to keep our life focused on what God wants us to do, so we get sent gentle reminders. Maybe it never occured to us how it was that we were truly supposed to live out our lives, so we need to be set onto the proper path.

Whatever the reasons for our trials, we must do our best not to forget the ways in which we are blessed. It seems easier to forget our blessings when we are living in times of abundance than it is when we are living through difficult times. I will work hard to remember how much I am blessed through all of the seasons of my life.

I am going to start a blessing box to help me to remember all of the reasons I have to be thankful. At times when I feel down, I will be able to look into my blessings box and remember the many blessings I have in life.

I must remind myself often. Have faith that things will get better. Do the best job you can to live in the ways you are directed to and know that you can not fail if you follow God's guidance.

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