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Our Home Made Christmas

Well, okay. So we didn't make the tree, but we made most of the other stuff. As a family tradition the kids and I enjoy making some new ornaments for our tree every year. It is also a big budget saver for those who crave a different look for their trees often but don't have the money to buy it.

Usually we put store bought stuff on our tree, but Peanut and I decided that this year we were only going to put only home made ornaments on the tree. The lights, wooden bead garland, and tinsel garland were all bought, but we didn't have time to string popcorn or anything. That, and the cats would have probably eaten any garlands I thought of to put up anyway.

What did we make? Take a look!

We even added some embellishments to a plain, inexpensive tree skirt that I got on an after Christmas clearance one year. I plan on adding a few more, but the fake tree's legs were so ugly to look at I had to put an incomplete project out to cover them up. I may add something fancy around the edges too if I find something interesting in my craft stash.

Felt is an inexpensive medium to work with. We like to buy the 20 cent per sheet rainbow felt. Many of the pieces I have were also purchased on a clearance sale. You can get quite a few decent sized ornamnets from one sheet. It is also very versatile. I have used glitter glue, fabric paint, beads, sequins, rick rack, bows, and felt cut outs to decorate it.

I made some of these felt ornaments for kids I was teaching in past years. I made the reindeer and the felt tree for my toddlers (those were the years my kids were in my toddler room). The yellow stars were gifts to my Sunday School class when my son was in first grade. I had a few extras because some of the children never showed up for Sunday School, but I didn't want to run out of them so I made one for each child on my list.

Peanut and I really enjoy this activity and we make several ornaments every year. My son makes at least one usually. Other ornaments we have made were made include those that we made with beads and pipe cleaners, white foam colored with magic markers which was hot glued to string, loose poinsettas (which I purchased for next to nothing) that I hot glued to ornament hooks, wooden clothespins that make a reindeer (or angels), empty glass balls that we filled with loose flower parts which were sold to me along with the poinsetta heads, and hand painted ceramic ornaments.

The kids used to paint an ornament for each of their grandparents every year until we couldn't find them at the store anymore. They cost 33 cents each and our parents just loved them. One year I stocked up on a bunch of my favorites to give as gifts. I was going to give the trees I painted to my sister for a Christmas gift one year, but she complained about the gifts I gave her every year. She told me that she didn't want any of my homemade junk, so I kept them for us instead. Don't they look wonderful on my tree? We have a dozen of them.

What do you make for Christmas?

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