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Do NOT Copy

Cheesehead's Turn!

Okay, this new year is starting out pretty darn badly! Cheesehead is feeling those kidney stones that his wellness exam urine sample told us that he had now. Of course the doctor had said he wouldn't write a prescription for any meds without an ultrasound of the kidney stones when they're passing. Oh, and we can't schedule an ultrasound until they make their presence known. HUH? (Wasn't that what the tests already TOLD us?)

So, we had to wait until they pass to get anything. Guess what? Middle of the night---AGAIN! Cheesehead refused to go to the doctor before the kids got up and were sent off to school though, so I'm waiting until they eat theit breakfast. Son will catch his bus in about 1/2 and hour and Peanut's comes in just over an hour.

It doesn't look like I'll be making the usual rounds to everyone's blogs AGAIN, I'm taking him in the second Peanut steps on the bus. Since the clinic doesn't open until 8 or 9 I guess that makes our third trip to the ER. They're going to start thinking that we work there at this rate! I don't think the insurance is going to be too happy with us, but I'm not making him wait several hours longer to meet with his regular doctor who already knows he has kidney stones.

At least none of the rest of us have gotten Peanut's strep yet, although I think I'd rather have Strep than a kidney stone....

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