Do NOT Copy

Do NOT Copy

Mean Moms of the World, Unite!

Have your children ever accused you of being the meanest mom in the world? I swear I must have a special power over my children, they BOTH made that accusation today. They must thing that I take that as an insult or something, the poor things!

I know that I am usually nice to everyone. I usually care too much about what other people think of me, but NOT when it comes to my kids. They must have the mistaken notion that those same general rules apply to them too.

Why don't those rules apply to my children? I'm not SUPPOSED to be their friend, I'm their mom. It's my job to teach them to eat and act appropriately so they can grow up to make good choices when they become adults.

When a child gets so frustrated while playing a challenging video game that they're screaming at the tv, red in the face, throwing things, and stomping their feet should I really allow that behavior to continue? I gave appropriate warnings. I said if the behavior continued they wouldn't be allowed to play any more games today. Is it MY fault they didn't choose to turn off the tv or find some other less frustrating game to play? Son was going to run away from home because I'm so mean to him.

Peanut didn't feel the need to eat dinner tonight. She ate bread and crackers but no veggies and no soup. Hmm, WHY does she seem to think she'd get anything else to eat after dinner when she didn't even attempt to eat anything healthy? But it's not fair, he got more food than I did. Did I refuse to feed her? Did I take her spoon away so she had no way to eat her food? I explained to her the consequences of not eating before she made the decision.

Why is it their decisions are somehow MY fault? The consequences of all decisions were clearly defined and they chose the behaviors with negative consequences anyway. Should I get in trouble for following through and doing what I said I was going to do?

So all of you moms out there ... how are you the meanest mom? I need to find some more ways to use my super mom powers to torment my poor unsuspecting children (Pets too, but DON'T even get me started about their growling and fighting the last two days!). Muwhhaha!

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