Do NOT Copy

Do NOT Copy

Photo Tag to Take our Minds off the Cold

Lona from A Hocking Hills Garden tagged me with this photo tag game. I've got some pretty crazy pictures, so this could get interesting!

We are supposed to go into our 4th folder where we store our photos, post the 4th picture in that folder and describe the photo. After doing that, you are to tag 4 people to do the same. I may ignore that last line though and just ask whoever wants to participate to go ahead. If you do choose to participate, let me know I'd love to check out what you posted.

I'm in, it'll give me something to do to take my mind off of all the snow that fell today.

Thankfully it's a pretty decent picture.

We started finishing our basement when we first moved into this house in 2006. We pretty much felt like we had to since the finished area was about 1/2 the size of our previous home. After getting the drywall put up last winter, Peanut helped me to paint the walls. Son helped with the priming prior to this but had NO interest in helping with the color. It was really nice having some help with all of the work we had to do even if they didn't help with all of it.

This particular picture is of Peanut when she helped me to paint Son's bedroom. She thought it was about the right color for a lion (I'd have to agree!) so she decided to paint some lions on the wall. She's quite the little artist, isn't she? This is a picture of her posing by her master piece before we had to cover it with a layer of paint.

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Anonymous said...

How fun to be reminded of this memory Cinj! ;)

Skeeter said...

Beautiful Lion Peanut!

Anonymous said...

Awww, that is very creative. Way to go peanut. You'll be able to give it to her husband one day and show him how good she is at painting walls. My dil likes to see all the crazy stuff we did in our family.

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

I can see the Lion. Such a nice picture of remembrance to have.Thank you for participating in the tag.I hate to oppose on people to do it so I am thinking of refusing all others, so thanks Cindy.It was a great picture though!

Gail said...


She is an adorable girl! I hope you are keeping warm! gail

Kathi~Lavender, Lace and Thyme said...

That is hilarious Cindy! It's only paint, what a thoughtful little helper she was :)