Do NOT Copy

Do NOT Copy

School At Home

School was cancelled again today due to the extreme cold again.

To combat the craziness of the kids that I had to put up with yesterday, I made the executive decision to run school at home. We ran the whole school day with games, movies, and reading; it was pretty fun. I didn't get anything on Cheesehead's "honey do" list today, but I had such a headache after an unstructured day with the kids cooped up in the house I put all housework and home improvement projects on hold. Hopefully it'll warm up tomorrow so the kids can get out of the house.

These are the subjects that we covered today.

Math- Rummikub and Yahtzee
Critical Thinking- Clue
Problem Solving- Jenga
Social Studies and Reading- Trivial Pursuit Young Players Edition
History- Titanic
Art- Pictionary Jr.
PE- Wii (golf, baseball, tennis, bowling)
Spelling- Scrabble

Our "school day" was so crammed that there were a few subjects that we didn't get the chance to get to
Music- Encore (although we did play with Peanut's musical instruments)
Writing- Balderdash (but Peanut wrote a play to go with some construction paper things she made)

MIL said she wouldn't want to go to my school though, it was still in session at 6:30 at night. I guess that makes me a slave driver, huh? LOL!

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