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Syncope or Vaso-Vegel

I am not a doctor or medically trained in any way, I just want to share some information with you. This information is just being shared with you to save you the anxiety and fear that I felt when I was searching for the list of symptoms that I had. I was extrememly confused when I searched the interent for a combination of the terms loss of vision, disorientation, and bladder problems. Only 2 result popped up with all of those terms together and since I was not an elderly man I was left to cut some terms out of my search terms which lead to some diagnosis that weren't even close to being accurate.

The doctor I saw at the Emergency room diagnosed me with sycope or vaso-vegel. This is fainting for various reseasons to be diagnosed by your doctor. Fainting occurs when there is a sudden decrease of blood flow to the brain. Some of the more common causes for fainting include standing up too quickly, heart arrhythmias, heart disease, severe pain, emotional stress, anxiety, straining, low blood sugar, or dehydration.

Sometimes when you faint, you do not actually loose consciousness as happened with me. This can be extremely scary if you aren't aware of what has just happened to you.

Since it only happened to me once and I have no other medical history that points to something more complicated they decided to run a test for a bladder infection first. Since my loss of vision occured when I was attempting to eliminate urine, it seemed to be a logical conclusion. I felt like there was more in my bladder that wasn't coming out (the feeling probably occured because of the bladder infection), so I pushed a bit harder. That's when my vision vanished. This is quite common in men, but not so common in women.

I have included some helpful links to help you understand these conditions. I found these links when I was searching with the term syncope.

American Heart
Mayo Clinic

So, that's it in a nutshell. So far, so good. I haven't had any of the symptoms return yet, but I have decided to take it easy anyway.

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