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Do NOT Copy

My Turn Now

We made our second trip to the ER this week. This time it was my turn!

The time was 2:56 am. Why can't I ever sleep through the night without having to get up? Grr. I went to do my thing in the bathroom when all of a sudden I lost my vision! Not wanting to wake anyone up or worry them, I decided I'd just go back to bed. We've lived here long enough that I figured it wouldn't be hard to find my way easy enough.

There was one problem with this theory though. My legs didn't cooperate with the plan. I stumbled around and got completely disoriented, knocking into planters, wall sconces, and ended up making all kinds of noise and then finally collapsing on the floor with a tremendous thud.

All of this noise woke Cheesehead up. He asked what all of the commotion was, trying to joke around with me. I answered (not so calmly) "I can't see!". I couldn't even move from the somewhat seated position on the floor. I was SO scared! Cheesehead came running in and flipped on the overhead light. Thankfully my vision returned, but then I felt super sick and steaming hot feverish. I managed to drag myself over by the toilet, just in case. Cheesehead felt my forehead and he told me that I didn't have a fever. I felt clammy and completely icky. I just HAD to go to the hospital right away!

He got out the phonebook and called the hospital, but they refused to give any type of advice over the phone. I didn't want to wake Peanut if I didn't have to! I really was feeling much better and decided to wait it out.

Idly, I wondered what kind of neurological condition I was suffering from. (Apparently I watch too many doctor shows!) I booted up the computer and attempted to search for answers.

This curiosity got me worried all over again. Botulism? Dimensia? Hypoglycemia? Schizophrenia? Oh geez!

Cheesehead called his mom to seek her advice. Poor woman, it really wasn't THAT big of deal. Was it? She thought we should go in right away, so we finally decided better safe than sorry.

We woke Peanut up, the adults got dressed, we all bundled up, and we were off.

Turns out it was nothing serious, just a silly little bladder infection. Well, maybe not so little.

Boy, am I tired. I still need to go to town to pick up my prescription. Man, I wish Cheesehead didn't have to work today!

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