Do NOT Copy

Do NOT Copy

What a Sweetie!

Dawn at C&G Design was wonderful enough to deem me worthy of a "Fabulous Blog Award". She has a wonderful blog and posts SO many creative ideas. If you want to make felt ornaments, she's got TONS of great ideas! Of course she has many other ideas too, but I mention ornaments because it's something we both enjoy doing.

Thank you Dawn!

I guess one of the rules seems to be to list 5 things we are addicted to so, here goes!

1. Ancestry research. I just can't seem to go more than a couple of days without doing some research of some sort. I get so excited when I find something new.

2. Blog hopping. Okay, I can't help it! I've met so many great friends out there in blog land it's hard to stay away. I can also check in on many of my friends' garden blogs while I'm out and about, an added bonus when I can't do any gardening because of the serverly cold and snowy winters we have here.

3. Lotion. It is so dry up here in the winter that I feel like I am wearing alligator skin if I don't keep slathering lotion all over myself. Furnaces can really pull a lot of moisture out of the air when they run more often.

4. My blankets. I just adore settling under my fleece blankets on our reclining couch. It's just so comfy to sit here and relax. The cats usually like to come and warm my feet when I sit here too so I don't even need to wear slippers.

5. Reading. I have so many books I could probably open my own library. What else is a gardener supposed to do when she can't garden? (Well, besides crafts and taxiing kids to and from their sports events.)

I have 3 blogs that I am addicted to too, so they are the people I am going to pass this award on to.

1. Anna from Flower Garden Girl. She is such a wonderful friend, she has helped me to get through many dark days and I will be forever grateful to her for being there for me. She is a fabulous story teller too.

2. Debbi from Aunt Debbi's Garden. Where else can I go to feel better about my family's antics? She's always got so much going on over there and it's a good thing she's able to laugh at herself because she gives me something to smile about on a daily basis.

3. Kathi at Lavendar, Lace, and Thyme. She likes to chat like I do (in other words not very subject specific) and gives me many reminders just when I need to remember to stay grounded. I love visiting her on Spiritual Sundays especially, she comes up with such thought provoking posts.

Stop on by and check out some of my favorite blogs, I'm sure they'd love to chat with you too!

Thank you for stopping by. Please leave me a message. I'd love to hear your thoughts!



tina said...

Congrats Cindy! I really like your idea of fleece blankets on the couch.

Dawn said...

Me too! That sounds pretty fabulous to me!

Linda Lunda said...


VP said...

Congratulations Cinj and top choices to passalong to :)

Skeeter said...

I am catching up on some missed blogs today! Sorry to hear about all the sick ones in the house the past few weeks. Hope all is feeling better...

Love the homemade ornaments on the Christmas tree! They are the best and keep sakes for years! I had fun looking at the Saint's ornaments he made with his tiny fingers so many years ago, while at their home in VA for Christmas.

Sorry kitty decided to do some decorating for you! My girls were pretty good this year with only Sheba attacking the snowman garland on the stairs. She is such a stinker! I do like the way your fur ball is hiding under the tree. My kitties run and peek around corners when they get into trouble.

Great looking renovations on the basement and kids room!

Nice toys to play with come veggie time too! IS that one a dehydrator? We picked one up for our self. Have not had much luck with anything but Zucchini chips and Jerky though. Fruits done turn out right. But still playing with it trying to figure it all out...

Taxes, barf ola!

Happy New Year!

Gail said...

Fantastic rock! gail

Cinj said...

Tina and Dawn- It's the best way to stay warm up in these parts. Brr!

Linda- Thanks.

VP- I thought so too.

Skeeter- We're all feeling much better now, thanks.

I sure wish I had our old ornaments we made too, my dad had them and his landlord threw them all away. I was so sad that our memories just went right into the garbage.

Thanks! And yes, it is a dehydrator. We made raisins with it and zuchinni chips. I hope to make fruit leather and some jerky soon, but I've been so busy I'm meeting myself coming and going sometimes!

Gail- Thanks. (blush)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for thinking of me and I appreciate your friendship. You really do deserve the award and all it stands for.

I am truly happy that you love blogging. It can be a nice get-away and relaxing.

You sure took to the genealogy quickly. It is a ton of fun and I wish I could find the motivation to get back with it. I have let it go for a bit or maybe I'm to the point where all the questions I wanted to know have been answered. Either way, it was fun for years and years. That is one hobby that keeps on keeping on.

Thank you again for the award.

Skeeter said...

Cinji, We have not had luck with fruits as they are not like the dried ones you buy in the stores. sigh, We found the jerky great though! We used the "all white" ground chicken or either turkey, I cant remember which and used the spice packet that came with the machine. It was yummy and better for us as a snack then the store bought high fat stuff...

Kathi~Lavender, Lace and Thyme said...

Oh my, I am sooo touched Cindy! Congratulations on your award, it's very stylish :). I feel the same way about you and Anna, seems we're like peas & carrots!

Have a warm day today!
Kathi :)