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Do NOT Copy

Family Fun

When we first started playing the kids' new Wii we hadn't actually figured out that we could make our own characters and save our records. Okay, I'm a little slow. You should know that by now!

Anyway, I did the BEST job of bowling that night. In real life bowling the best score I can remember ever getting was 131. The Wii enabled me to bowl a 245 game. Since I couldn't save it on the system because I was using a guest mii, I took a picture of the score as proof.

See? There it is. 245 to 88. Awesome.

I can't help but think this may set people who have never bowled before for a big dissappointment when they go to a bowling alley and reality sets in with the balls curving into the gutters and how heavy the ball starts to feel after a while. Don't EVEN get me started on the shoes!

The first time they used the system we only had one controller. Son had his uncle play and he broke out into a sweat. I wonder if this game will help my family become more active.

While it may seem counter-intuitive to penny pinchers all over the world I can't help but think that this investment will be beneficial to our pocket book. The initial outlay does cost much more than a trip to the bowling alley would be, but I think the savings will really add up. We can use it to hone our skills for golf, bowling, tennis, (& more) not to mention the money we can save on fitness classes if I'm able to lay my hands on a Wii Fit.

Then there's the tantrums I'm hoping I won't have to listen to anymore because the kids will be more used to playing the games when we actually go out in public, that in itself may be worth the costs of the system.

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