Do NOT Copy

Do NOT Copy

What's in There?

As I read a book that I checked out from our local library, I was horrified by some of the things that were revealed through their writings. It includes common sense observations as well as scientific studies although those studies were from America, England, and Australia. I assume it's because other languages were not readable by them, but I can't be one hundred percent sure. I'm sure that similar studies must have been done in other countries and simply were not used because of the language barrier.

The book is called "What's in This Stuff?" by Patricia Thomas. In it, she discusses what is in the foods we eat, cosmetics, cleaning products and more. Did you know that there are no tests or certifications required for our cosmetics and household cleaners? While I am not saying that's wrong, I share that fact because I am sure that many people believed, like I did, that everything we use is safe for us to use.

Did you know that these manufacturers are also not required to list all of the ingredients on an ingredient label? Okay, that definitely should be required, don't you think?

What's more, when chemicals are tested they are tested individually, not in combination with other chemicals which can result in a cocktail effect. Look at the ingredients in your products, are any chemicals used individually? I would venture to say there are very few that are based on the survey of chemicals in my house. For more information on this type of thing, please read the book.

She also discusses the alarming rise in diseases such as cancers and diabetes, among many other diseases. I believe their implications are correct when they tie our chemical usage to those products, it just makes sense to me that the rise in usage of chemicals corresponds with the rise in the rates of these diseases. While they do not claim that these chemicals are the sole cause of the rise in these diseases, I too have been suspecting their involvement in some of our family's heath issues as of late.

I am planning on trying to cut as many chemicals as I possibly can from being used in our house. Luckily I am already doing many of the suggestions in the book such as using makeup and hairspray only occasionally so it won't be a huge lifestyle change. I will make use of more natural cleaners and air fresheners.

They have many wonderful alternatives included in the book. I think I'll be saving a lot of money by not buying this junk any more so it's an added bonus in our tough economy. We can save money and live a healthier lifestyle too!

My husband thinks that this is crazy, and the only way to really get things clean is to use commercial cleaners. I will not throw them out, so he can use them if he chooses to clean. I refuse to use them anymore.

I wonder if he'll go along with the natural deodorants that they are talking about.

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