Do NOT Copy

Do NOT Copy

The Followers Gadget

I was reading one of my blogland friend's blogs today. I had noticed a change in the "followers" gadger this morning before I even read Tina's post. She posts on In The Garden if you don't know her.

In her post we discussed the idea of followers. I admit that I was rather reluctant to add the gadget myself because of the title. To me it insinuates a following of people who share the same beliefs. I really don't feel that it's the best name for my gadget. It is nice to see who likes to read blogs though, so it is a handy gadget to have.

After our discussion I was preparing myself to remove the gadget from my blog entirely. I seems to be an advertisement for their friend thing to me too, you know, that new add on line at the bottom?

Before I removed it though, when I clicked the tools I saw that many things on it can now be changed. I think I was able to make it look less objectionable, what do you think? I blended words I didn't like so much into my background and changed the title of my gadget.

I would like to know your opinions. For now I have changed the title to "Fans", but I considered many other titles as well. For other considerations please check out my new poll. I'd like to know what you think about that as well. What would YOU prefer to be called? Do you have more creative names that mean the same general type of thing? Please leave your "other" ideas here in my comments!

Thank you for stopping by. Please leave me a message. I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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