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Do NOT Copy

Happy Birthday Grandma

Days like these help my mind wander back through time. Today would have been my maternal grandmother's birthday. She died in December of 1982 when I was a mere 8 years old, but she still had a great impact on my life.

I briefly considered not doing a post today since I've been so busy lately, but as I worked in my craft room moving some books to my book shelves down there I found this book.

I had completely forgotten that my mom had even given it to me. My grandma got it in November of 1980, just over two years before her death. I treasure it even more because it has her name written inside the cover in her own hand writing. It has information about any kind of needlework a person could want to do. I wasn't even aware that this grandma did anything like this since I never saw her working on it. Maybe she was trying to teach herself like I did and was too embarrassed to do it in front of anyone. I'll have to ask my mom if she knows of anything that she made.

We have other similarities as well. She loved to garden. Every time I ever went to her house when she was alive her gardens were full of flowers and vegetables. I remember her gardens being quite large, though my perception may have been skewed since I was so young. She never taught me anything about gardening as far as I remember, but I do think her love of gardening helped me establish a love for it too. Someday I hope to have successful vegetable gardens like hers. I did buy some seeds yesterday since they were on sale. I don't think it's quite time for most of them to be started yet.

She lived out in the country in a lovely wooded setting. Every spring trilliums filled her woods near her house. No matter where you looked there were these dainty white flowers poking their heads out of the shadows. That's part of the reason why I keep having to stop myself from buying any when I look at catalogs. Each time I see trilliums I think of her home in Bemidji. I wish I could afford to buy some, but I will hold off until we get our edible plants bought before I try to stretch my budget for these lovely luxuries.

She taught fourth grade when she wasn't taking time off from work to care for her children. I went to school to be a teacher too, though I have yet to get a full time job. Right now my children's childhood is more important to me than having loads of money. Besides, if I had a full time job I wouldn't have time to crochet or grow elaborate gardens.

Don't forget the Sci-fi movies. I remember she took me to E.T. when it was out in the theatres. She enjoyed those types of movies and the smurfs too. Do you remember the smurfs? She was very fun-loving and I loved spending time with her. Sometimes I feel I was robbed not being able to have her as I continued to grow up, but I guess that happens to many people.

I hope I can make her proud one day.

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