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My Garden Wish List

This winter has brought me some wonderful down time to contemplate my garden and the direction I think that I should take it in the future. I really want to be as self sufficient as I can be here. While I won't be able to raise my own livestock because of neighborhood regulations, I have really let my mind wander when it comes to many other things. I wonder what you think. Somewhere in my mind I think all of the directions I want to go are overly ambitious for a person who has grown mostly decorative bushes and flowers in the past.

I have been scouring the internet, catalogs, and books to get some more ideas of things I would like to grow in my yard. My family loves berries of almost any kind as well as most fruits, nuts, but very few vegetables. It is hard to know what they will like or if they may grow to like some of the things on my list either. I know most people advise gardeners to grow what they like already so they are more motivated to take good care of it. Do you find that's true?

A small part of me thinks if I grow a larger variety and I'm able to offer things more often than our rather meager budget allows for, would they gain an affinity towards these new foods? I want them to eat a healthier diet.

This list is definitely not inclusive of all that I want to grow, but it makes me think that maybe my variety is too large for a beginner. I have yard areas picked for most of these things as well though I remain skeptical if I'm really doing myself a favor or making more headaches.

Some of the items of interest in the perennial category include
Manchurian apricot trees
paw paw trees
cold hardy kiwi
grape vines
plum trees

Some of the vegetables/fruits I'd like to grow include
bell peppers

And then there's the herbs!

Okay, okay. I need to edit my list. What should I exclude? SIGH. It all sounds so good to me with all the snow laying on the ground right now. I have areas planned throughout my yard for most of these things, but am I biting off more than I can chew?

Which items have you grown that you'd advise me to start out growing? I know there's no way I can afford everything on my wish list anyway. The most frugal decision would be to but seeds of the things I want to grow this year, but which ones should I start with?

I know some of them will have to wait until future years come along. Do I even have enough space in reality? I know I THINK I do, but I do live in the woods after all. I wonder if I even have enough sun for it all....

What do you grow?

Thank you for stopping by. Please leave me a message. I'd love to hear your thoughts!



Hocking Hills Gardener said...

It all sounds like a wonderful plan for now and in the future. Sun will be your only consideration in it all.

Syl said...

Start with a few things and build up. I think vegetables and herbs are easier to grow than flowers - they're kinda goof-proof. Plus, you know in one season if it's gonna work out, as opposed to waiting 2-3 years.

Also, put the chives in a pot unless you want them everywhere.

Gail said...

It's a great list filled with healthy and delicious plants! Good luck...gail

Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

Wow, that is quite a list. I would start easy squash and beans. Fruit trees can be easy. Black berries grow great here. I find herbs to be the easiest of them all. Many are perennial so you have them for years.

Kathleen said...

My GBBD post would be like yours if I didn't have any indoor blooms Cinj. I guess we'll wait until next month and hope for something outside, right? I think your plans for being self sufficient are great. I'm even going to grow some vegetables myself this year (first time in a long time). Good luck whittling your list down ~ that's hard to do!

Cinj said...

Lona- Yup. I'm eyeing up some trees that I want cut down but since I don't have a chainsaw that may have to wait a while.

Syl- I know, but I just can't decide. I do pretty well at keeping trees alive. I'm going to plant the chives near my apple tree orchard. (Hmm, can I call it an orchard if I only have 4 trees?) I hear they're a good companion plant to fruit trees.

Gail- Thanks. I think I'll need it!

Debbi- It IS pretty long, isn't it? I just don't know what not to grow though, they all sound so tasty! Our blackberries thrive under my complete and total neglect here too. I will have an herb garden up front, but I've heard that it can be beneficial to have some types of herbs in close proximaty to the vegetable garden too.

Kathleen- Well, we can hope all we want I guess. I really should have some snow drops or crocus or something around here.

I've done veggies before. Pretty badly I might add. No wonder Cheesehead is so skeptical.

Nola @ the Alamo said...

I'd start with mostly what I KNOW we like, then add a few new things in little by little. I'd suggest growing things that you know grow well in your area; for us, it's squash, zucchini, cucumbers, and tomatoes. I like berries, but I sure don't like the thorny vines!

Cinj said...

Nola- We will. So I suppose that takes shallots and squash off the short list.