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March 2009 GBB Day

Okay, so there are STILL no blooms in the garden. Not even any promising new growth coming forth out of the frozen ground. I had tried to take my camcorder to use for taking pictures, but I have yet to figure out how to import the whole disc en mass when I load the pictures onto my computer. We'll use cheapo with no images displayed instead, cross your fingers!

I decided to take you on a walk through my garden instead.
On the bright side, it is already 20 degrees outside so it won't take much to break the freezing point. If you look past the craft sticks on the table, you can see the thermometer outside. What are the craft sticks for? You'll have to wait and see what Peanut and I do with them. It's going to be a project for the garden. Now, off to the outside for our tour!

I am happy to see some of the snow is once again receding. It had looked promising a few weeks ago, but we had gotten some more snow since then. We're just now getting back to the point of a few patchy open areas of ground peeking through the snow. It was almost 50 yesterday and it's supposed to remain fairly nice most of the week. If it rains I'm convinced that our snow cover will recede much quicker.

The sunniest spot near the house is almost out of it's snow cover now. It probably wouldn't get much snow cover because of the overhang above it, but I usually pile the snow from the sidewalk onto these plants to protect them from the ravages of the deepest winter cold. This is where I found my first signs of life last year. Hopefully it will happen soon. I'm so tired of winter.

I am happy to report that I hear mourning doves and crows cawing and cooing from the forest trees. The birds are returning! They don't seem to like one of the two food types I have provided though. I think the other side was thistle seed. It was emptied out in less that one day. I wonder how they can afford to be so picky since it is still so very cold.

As you can see, the plants are still nestled safely under ground. I will cut back last year's growth when I see some green peeking out from the ground. That way I can't miss the fact that a plant either returned or it died.

The trees have not started to swell their buds either. I see a deer has decided to nibble on my apple trees now. Note to self: Irish Spring smell does not last the whole winter in a cold climate garden.

I also see the squirrels have been snacking on some cone flower seeds.

I never knew rabbits liked to eat weidgelia. Hmm. Here's hoping for a quick recovery for the poor plant, it's been awfully traumatized this winter.

The driveway is turning treacherous once again. I think I should put on my ice skates to get the kids to the bus! I sure hope I don't get stuck in it again this year. I don't know if you can see in this picture, but there is a large portion of the driveway that has yellow ice on it. Peanut asked me if it was from dog pee. A dog would have to have a very large bladder to cover such a large area of the driveway. I assume it is tannins from the trees although I could be mistaken, I often am!

A gratuitous shot of pine needles and leaves frozen into the ice of my driveway. You'd think I hadn't cleaned up the yard last fall with so much litter laying around.

Brr, my ears are getting cold. It was so nice out I forgot to wear my hat and mittens! Would you like to join me inside for a mug of hot chocolate?

I'd show you my wonderful indoor houseplant, but I'm sure since I bragged about it's indestructibility it died to prove me wrong. Yet another reason for me not to try to keep plants alive indoors for more than a month. If the plant eating cat Speedy doesn't eat it, I'll just kill it instead! How can someone with a green thumb for outdoor plants do so poorly with indoor plants?

Next to it are garlic cloves that are starting to put out sprouts. I'm thinking I'd like to plant them, but do they transplant well if I would plant them inside now?

I am getting ready to send in for some more plants. I know I'm ordering the blueberry bushes, strawberry plants, and raspberries. I am yet undecided about the other plants. I really want them, but I am wondering if I am up to all of that work or if I should save some work for next spring.

Thanks to Carol of May Dream Gardens for hosting garden bloggers bloom day on the 15th of each month. Here's hoping I can catch some eye candy on other people's sites since there's nothing to see here.

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