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Spring Tidings

Even more signs of spring are heading our way. The ice is melting like crazy around here. Today was almost 60 and tomorrow is supposed to be the same. Horray!

The kids were out in full force playing in the river that used to be our driveway. Do you think they even bothered to put on their boots before playing in inches of ice cold streams of water? NO!

It appears that all of the snow from the road melts and drains into our driveway. This path leads the water right into our yard. I think that we should put a permanent pond here. The soil doesn't hold the water once the snow melt stops, but I think it would get a plentiful supply of fresh water. Maybe not the best location though, it will probably be full of pine needles and leaves in no time flat. Cheesehead doesn't think a pond is a good idea. I suppose he's right, but I just adore the idea of a pond.

Peanut was kind enough to make us a nice dinner of mud pie. Gaspacho style. Maybe a bit more extreme complete with slushy ice.

Even Cheesehead got outside to play. Plus we get some yummy burgers out of the deal. Grilling season is back. We even got the bench out to enjoy the wonderful warmth and sunshine.

My play area is almost all melted off too. I hope to get out and get my vegetable garden started next week. Cheesehead thinks I'm being too optomistic with that thought. Maybe I am, but wouldn't it be wonderful? He wants to make me a raised bed. Probably a good idea with all of the tree roots around I'll have to deal with.

Plants have emerged from the snow today and two of them are already green.

The Candy Striped Creeping Phlox is full and green.

I think this one was a type of sedum. Angelina? I seem to remember it being more yellowish. Maybe the color next to the snow makes it appear more green to me.

Keep the melt coming, I'm ready for spring. Bring it on!

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