Do NOT Copy

Do NOT Copy

Self Fullfilling Prophecy

I have been doing some thinking as Cheesehead has been on vacation this past week (thus my reduced computer usage and increased project levels). It occurred to me that what I believe will come true usually does.

Take, for example, my indoor brown thumb phenomenon. I seem to constantly complain that I kill any plant that comes into my house. I recently proved that was true by killing an "un-killable" indoor plant. Is it really the fact that I can't grow a plant or is it my attitude towards what I am doing? I grow plants outside and they thrive, is it only my attitude towards them that sets them apart?

If I can't grow plants, then why do my outdoor plants usually thrive? I expect them to. I know I have a green thumb. I take care of them all in the same way and they do their best to please me. I wonder if they can sense what I am thinking?

I can grow anything out side but roses. I wonder if my lack of success with growing roses that aren't knockout roses has more to do with my attitude that I will kill any other rose. If you believe you will fail, you usually will.

My old vegetable gardens in MN were completely covered with weeds before I began my venture. I decided that I would put vegetables there and have a wonderful garden to provide my family with all of the vegetables we could eat. I cleared all of the weeds out until there wasn't a weed to be seen. I then planted my freshly bought seedlings into the rich soil. The only problem was that the weeds kept popping up. Instead of trying to eradicate all of the weeds, I developed the attitude that I'd never be able to control all of those weeds. They proceeded to take over the garden once again and I gave up on my vegetable garden. I may have to test this phenomenon farther.

If all we have to do is to is to change our attitude, then my vegetable garden this year should be a booming success. (As long as I can keep Cheesehead away from it!) After all, I'm extremely optimistic and will have a fresh new bed of weed free soil to plan the seeds (and soon to be started seedlings) in.

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