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Founder of a Town

Cheesehead's mom had a copy of the Peshtigo Times sitting in her things. Recently, she showed it to us because of my incessant chatter about the ancestry research I'm working on I'm sure. It had some great facts that helped me to identify some older census records for a few of those family members. It even referenced some names of Joseph Wagner's parents who were as yet unknown to me. The information from Germany/Prussia will be harder to track down, but there is a county in WI which I hope to visit some time soon.

Even more interesting though was the stories of lives long past that it told and the story of a small town in Wisconsin. Wagner, WI is a small town in Marinette county. Apparently it was founded by Cheesehead's great great grandpa and grandma according to the article. Currently the population is around 800 or so.

I've never been there, but I have a feeling that some of the nearby cemetaries would help me tremendously with missing dates for some of the ancestors I am missing information for. I had hoped to be able to find some more information on the town to share with you, but I seem to have trouble finding obsure small towns on the internet. I suppose my luck would be better if I could riffle through some local papers or books. For now I'll just have to share some of my searching tips instead.

If you don't research your ancestors, you have no idea how many people are out there who share the same or similar names and birth years. It's even crazier when you add in the common last names that many of our ancestors share. Add that to a common first name and that will help you pull up hundreds of thousands of records to sift through.

In order to gain more success, I have researched some of the ancestors with less common names. For example MIL has some relatives that are Millers. Miller is an extremely common name. I was able to find some of her dad's family records by researching his sister's name (Emmerate) and connecting the rest of the family members to that name. This strategy brings up far fewer records to sift through.

I haven't had the same luck with my husband's dad's family though. Hopefully one day soon I'll have the time to make the drive over there and see this area that mnay of his distant relatives probably still live near. At least now when I find some records indicating that some Wagners live in Marinette county, I know that it merits a closer look.

Thank you for stopping by to chat with me. Please leave me a message, I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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