Do NOT Copy

Do NOT Copy

My Accidental Lasagna Garden

Well, as you can guess I didn't finish my new veggie garden on Monday. I was waiting for it to stop snowing. I got a bit cold with the construction portion of my garden. (That, plus the CNN film crews were there with their cameras trying to film my crazy antics. I think Nola leaked the news to them!)

Thanks to everyone for your advise. I guess great minds think alike. I never knew my "crazy" plan had a name attatched to it already! I decided to research this lasagna gardening idea I was told about. (Sorry, I can't insert my link. Just google it if you want to find out more!)

It snowed again all day yesterday so my garden project got put on hold. I didn't relish digging in stepping stones past a layer of snow. Luckily it was a spring snow, so most of it has already melted, but I was told we got 10 inches of the stuff. What did I do instead? I tore apart my living room and began painting two walls. I suppose I should finish my painting and put the living room back together before I go out, but I don't think I will. Cheesehead will probably explode when he sees I put those plans on hold to finish something else.

I'm planning on going outside after the sun dries out the spots I will be digging my stepping stones into the dirt. Since I am not starting my lasagna garden in the fall, I need some soil to add to the top of the layers so I'll have to do that before finishing my garden. I don't have boots and I don't want my good tennis shoes completely filled with sticky sand. Thankfully sand doesn't take much to get dried out. I'll supplement the sand I dig up with some of my leftover bags of topsoil. Stay tuned, I'll show you how I built up my garden bed once it's completed.

What a great way to celebrate Earth Day, isn't it? I hope you all have a great one!

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