Do NOT Copy

Do NOT Copy

Is This a Crazy Idea?

SOS!!! Fast responses desperately sought after! Where's a crazy garden lady supposed to get enough inexpensive good dirt to fill a 4x12 raised bed? Let me tell you how it "grew" into a bigger project than it started out to be....

Saturday was a beautiful day. It was bright, sunny, and clear with temps in the low 70's. We had lots of plans for the weekend, although Cheesehead's plans were different from mine. He wanted a deck and kept interrupting my work to help him with his plan. It was evident from the start he wanted to derail my healthy eating plans for the family.

Somehow I just don't think a vegetable garden is high on his priority list. That could have something to do with the fact that there are only two vegetables he'll willingly eat (but only prepared certain ways). The kids aren't QUITE as picky eating about 5 willingly without complaint. Not a large variety, but I'm hoping to turn their opinions of vegetables around after they sample vegetables fresh from our garden.

Thankfully he invited his brother and mom over or I wouldn't have gotten anything on my list done. He wanted to install a deck behind the house. Our yard is completely slanted so there really is nowhere to put our patio table set. I think a deck would be nice, but I wanted to get my veggie garden put in.

The kids were put in charge of moving the rocks that we had made into a rock garden for Cheesehead last year. Apparently he didn't like it so much. It did get a bit overgrow. I'll use the rocks else where. We had already transplanted the flowers last fall, so all that's really left to move are the rocks, logs from the trees we cut down on Wednesday, and the birdbath.

After a few minutes of picking up rocks, they got bored and wanted to take over my job. They thought it looked more fun to level a portion of the yard, remove perennial weeds, and clear out the brush. Whatever. At least they weren't holed up inside stuck to the video games all day.

Somehow I don't think they did the best job of removing all of the brush.

Friday the kids and I had moved the smaller logs into a pile. Now we just have the large ones to move. I'm thinking about making some of these into some stepping stones for our back yard landscaping project. I thought we could dig a hole in the dirt so the surface of a thinly sliced log is flush with the dirt. Does that sound like a crazy idea? When I mentioned this idea to Cheesehead, he just rolled his eyes at me. He dutifully asked BIL to bring his chainsaw with him anyway though.

After a morning of hard work, the guys were ready to take a break. I figured it wouldn't take much to finish my small raised bed so I agreed we needed a break. My plot was all cleared, leveled, and ready for the lumber! It's desperately in need of some good dirt too. Doesn't that look like fine beach sand over there?

We went for a ride up to the cemetery. (Only a "short" hour and a half from home.) We didn't get home until dark. Plans for finishing our work on Sunday were put on hold for an all day long dousing drizzle. Hooray! We really need the precip. I suppose we all need to take a day off once in a while anyway. I decided I'd finish my garden on Monday.

Look what I woke up to this morning. It's been snowing all day too. No matter, I was determined to finish my project though. Luckily I'm working in the back yard so I wasn't seen by many passers by. They'd probably think I was crazy out there working in the snow to build a raised garden bed. As I worked, I got a brilliant flash of idea. Cheesehead decided that he wasn't going to make his deck as big as he had planned on making it, so I grabbed his two extra 12 foot boards so my garden will be 4x12 instead of 4x8. That'll show him not to help me with my projects. Mwuahhahah!

I came inside to warm up for a while and chat my crazy head off before going out to finish my project. Also to get some MUCH needed advise before I continue my endeavor.

I can't afford enough dirt to fill my new garden and I don't have any finished compost from the relatively new mismanaged compost pile. Here's my "brilliant" idea: Would it be stupid to fill the bottom 2 inches with leaves and pinestraw from my "compost" pile and fill is as much of the top with dirt from last years planters and left over spagnum and shredded leaves?

I need dirt fast before Cheesehead derails my evil healthy eating plans. HELP!!!!

Thank you for stopping by to chat with me. Please leave me a message, I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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