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Planning Our Deck Garden

If you know me at all you'd have to know that Cheesehead's building of a deck is inspiring me to plan yet another garden. When I told him of my plans I got the typical eye roll. It will be a while before my plans come to fruition since the deck is still not finished, but I'm having fun making plans. Let me know what you think!

Our deck is rather oddly shaped. It was originally going to be 12x20 and all materials were purchased for it. Since Cheesehead mentioned a change in plans to a smaller 12x10 size, I grabbed two of his 12 foot boards for my veggie garden. He took my two extra 8 foot boards and made an 8x10 extension "for the grill". Yeah....

I have decided to surround the deck with curved lines with wood mulched beds. (Hopefully I'll be able to make some free mulch out of all of the dead brush I've accumulated.)

I think it would be wonderful to be able to sit at my table and smell the wonderful fragrances of my plants. I have already added 3 fruit trees (apple, peach, and pear). I would also like to add peonies (which I will divide from existing plantings after they've bloomed), roses (I bought last year and they died so I will put the replacements here), and maybe a compact lilac bush as well as some soon to be divided creeping phlox. Herbs are also on my list, but I have yet to plan the exact areas and layout. This is assuming I can get some of those darned seeds I bought to grow of course....

Since money is extremely limited (what else is new?) I am thinking of migrating my woodland garden plants to this garden area. I think I'd be able to keep a better eye on them if they're closer to the house anyway. The deer really did a number on the hostas Lisa sent me last summer. When I went to check on them earlier this spring there were no dead leaves to show me where the plants had once been. (Luckily they all seem to be coming back now.) I also have lily of the valley, astilbe, periwinkle, traditional bleeding heart, and lavendar in there. I may be missing something.... Right behind the house has an area that always shaded too, perfect for some of those shade plants.

Cheesehead also wants me to move my arbor garden with the three clematis I brought from Big Lake up near the house into this garden area. I'm not sure if it would be sunny enough there though. How much sun do you think they'll need? It would be a shame if I killed them after they've been through so much!

Thank you for stopping by to chat with me. Please leave me a message, I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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