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Veggie Garden Report

I'm not quite sure what in the world I am doing wrong, but my early seedlings haven't begun to sprout yet. It's been two weeks since I planted them. They should be up by now. The ones I started in the basement had all begun to sprout in just a few days. I wish I hadn't fried them with that silly light. I thought they needed a little light, apparently the one I owned was too strong though....

So, here I am trying to start them outside. I suppose it takes longer when there are no heat mats to aid with the germination process though. (I had got a wonderful deal on two starter sets hubby's store was selling earlier this spring.) I sure hope they sprout soon or they'll be struggling to grow when it gets too hot for them.

I knew I couldn't do my own peppers or tomatoes since my seedlings all got fried to a crisp, so I bought a few 6 packs from hubby's store when they were on sale. They're nestled into the garden too, though I've been told I should have waited to put them into the ground. I've been adding milk jugs as they become available since they like it a bit warmer than we have it just yet. It's an easy project. Cheesehead was happy that most of our recyclables were used for it too, double bonus.

I didn't take any pictures, but it's pretty simple to do. Just cut the bottom off of a gallon milk container and throw the lid away to allow air circulation for the plants. If you're careful to cut the jugs off above the curved part you'll be able to shove them into the soil a bit too. This keeps them from blowing away AND helps keep some nasty bugs away from them. The ones inside their own personal greenhouses seem to be a bit happier than the ones out in the elements. I guess I'll need to drink some more milk.

So far, so good! I just hope the peas, beans, carrots, lettuce, spinach, and arugula start to sprout soon. Maybe they need some milk jugs too.

The potatoes are beginning to form a few leaves too though many have yet to break the soil's surface.

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