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Do NOT Copy

Who's Been Hanging Out in Our Yard Now?

While I was taking a stroll through the garden a few days ago, I noticed a few things that were out of place. A few other things just brought a smile to my face.

Take, for example, the bird feeders. They had no bird seed in them since I've been too lazy, er busy to fill them. I wonder what they wanted with those empty feeders? This will just give Cheesehead another excuse to ban my bird feeders from our yard. We're pretty sure that only bears would do this to a poor hapless pole. No smile here!

I also like to check on my recent plantings while I'm out in the garden.

I planted some sprouted garlic cloves in several areas of my garden. Cheesehead wanted me to throw them out because apparently he thinks once they've sprouted they can't be eaten. HUH?

Anyway, I planted them wherever I had some open space. They were coming up very nicely until I noticed some large, gaping holes in my mulch. *Scowl* They even left evidence behind, do you see the scraps that were left behind on our stone ledge? I assume it was the chipmunks this time instead of the squirrels that pestered us earlier this season. Can anyone help me to verify that suspicion?

Speaking of sprouts, we also had a bunch of sprouted potatoes in the basement that Cheesehead also wanted to throw away. I planted those too. They were so big that I had to cut them first.

I realized as I was preparing the potatoes for planting that I wasn't voted class klutz for nothing. I managed to slice my finger which bled profusely. I think next time I should ask someone else to use the sharp implements so I don't injure myself again. The potatoes are still under the sand so the critters must be too busy digging up the garlic cloves to notice them.

A week ago I planted the seeds in my garden. I noticed that I have a couple of spinach sprouts out there. Nothing I can really get a decent picture of though as they are still pretty tiny.

A huge smile spread over my face as I saw all of the perennials coming up. There are only a couple that have yet to poke their sleepy heads out of the ground. I hope they come up soon, I'm worried about my beautiful peonies that we transplanted last fall didn't have enough time to establish themselves in their new home.

The rabbits must have enjoyed nibbling on my tulip leaves too. I didn't think animals liked the leaves, wasn't it bulbs they eat? Hmm, I wonder where that picture went. Must be one of the 12 that didn't turn out and ended up deleted.

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