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Farm Town... Now with Flowers!

Does anyone else use Facebook? I found this great little application on it about a month ago called Farm Town. One of my cousins from the Chicago area introduced me to it once we became friends. I have been SO addicted to this new little game lately, it's just crazy. You'd think I'd have better things to do with my time, but it's just neat interacting with my friends and planting stuff. My kids even like to use it, though Peanut is too young to have an account all her own.

What does it do? Well, it started out where the animals are just decorative (though sometime soon we'll be able to milk the cows and collect chicken eggs, etc), you plant crops that can be ready in 4 hours to 4 days, if you don't harvest them in a timely manner they will go to waste, you can give your friends free gifts of trees or animals (flowers now too), and you can tend your neighbor's farms by watering their stuff, pulling weeds, or raking leaves. I have just recently discovered that you get more money for your crops if you hire others to harvest them (again, thanks to my fore mentioned cousin) and have been goofing off in the chat room (aka marketplace) whenever I'm not remodeling the farm since that discovery.

We discuss all of the possibilities (like the fact that we should be able to go to the beauty shop so we don't all look like clones) there and I try to get my character to do the hokey pokey and stuff just to see if any one's paying attention. Most of the time they don't. Either that, or they ignore me because I'm SO dang crazy???

When I got up this morning I had no idea that there were some changes that had been made to the game. Since I started playing flowers would be available in two weeks. They FINALLY were this morning, I got 6 of them as gifts today. (Thanks everyone!) Son was SO excited when he noticed all of the changes he just couldn't help but shout out all of the new animals and accessories that he saw while I was painting the last two walls of the kitchen.

I've been saving up for a greenhouse on the game, so I had a stash of money to splurge on a bunch of new toys. It'll be a while until I'm a high enough level to buy the greenhouse anyway, I have 3 levels to go still. I bought a grill, water pump, gated fences, and a doghouse so far and was planning on adding some rivers and bridges once I got everything satisfactorily rearranged.

I was on it remodeling my farm for the 6th time until I got booted off. Seems to happen more often than I like but I guess not so bad that I wouldn't want to go back. Now I can't even log back on. Hope the glitch doesn't last too long, I have flowers that need to be watered and pumpkins to harvest. They were 98% ready. Plus, my farm is in total disarray and I don't like it that way.

Does anyone else play Farm Town or use Facebook? I think I like Facebook better than Myspace.

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