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Cut Flowers

Most of my flowers have just begun blooming since my last bloom day post. Many of my flowers don't bloom terribly long here since it races from cool to hot so quickly.

In most places peonies are long past bloom time, but not here! Aren't they supposed to bloom in late spring? My peony just began blooming today and I was so excited. They smell like heaven. Last year I wasn't able to enjoy my peonies in bloom since I went on vacation the day they began blooming. I decided I wasn't going to miss out this year!

Of course the poor peony would be lonely in the cup all by itself so I went to find a few more companions. The first one that entered my mind was the white delphinium my MIL was drooling over when she was here this weekend. I'd guess it's about 6 feet tall.

These blue ones aren't as monsterously huge as the white, but still extremely pretty. Now if I only had some red ones for the upcoming holiday!

My miniature rose was also blooming now, but the stems are not nearly long enough to be a companion to these long stemmed counterparts that I have chosen.

I also considered adding a few sprigs of spiderwort but thought it may not match the best with the blue delphinium. I wanted the pink peony to be the standout in my floral arrangement, so to fill the rest of the space I chose to use some of the abundant ferns we have growing here.

I ran inside and grabbed a sharp pair of scissors and a "lovely" vase. It was the only properly sized to fit the arrangement I imagined.

Well, what do you think of my first floral arrangement?

The poor thing is banished to the bathroom for it's own protection. We can't allow the plant eating cats to tear the flowers to shreds, can we? I want to enjoy them more than one day!

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