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WInter Plans

Wow, fall has really flown by this year. I am glad that I was able to get so much done out in the yard this year. It is not usually possible to get some of the things on my enormous to do list done, but it was usually warm this fall. Strangely, our ground has just recently frozen so I was able to get the bulbs I purchased at 75% off planted. Our lakes are also frozen by this time of year most of the time, but we are still waiting for that to happen.

Winter has rolled in with full force and unusual brutality within the last week or so. Though we are having "normal" temps for this time of year, I feel like it's colder than usual. Winter will officially begin this month, but the garden catalogs have already began flooding my mail box. It is time to begin thinking ahead to the spring gardens.

I know I sometimes complain (okay, maybe a little more than sometimes...) about the cold and snow up here, but I feel like it's is a much needed enforced break that I may not otherwise take. Sometimes we gardeners get so wrapped up in our "stuff" that we forget to take time for ourselves. I think that winter is God's way of reminding us that we need to take a break and take care of ourselves. Frozen grounds and feet of snow really make you stop in your gardening tracks. What will I do this winter?

Well, you know me, I always have something up my sleeve! I am hoping that I get a chance to work on some of my long neglected craft projects this winter. My craft room is finally almost as organized as I would like it to be, so that should help me feel more motivated. I will hopefully also get a chance to do some more blogging and blog hopping. This year has been especially busy and I seem to have been neglecting spending time with my blogging buddies lately. They have done so much to help to bring me back from the brink of despair, I'd hate for them to think that I have forgotten about them. My larger home improvement projects seem to be winding down so I shouldn't have too much of that type of thing to do. One day I would like to put an egress window in our basement as well as a door onto our new deck, but I am thinking these projects may be past my amateur skills.

I have also been working on cleaning stuff out lately while thinking about the possibility of having to move again within a few years. Along the way, I have discovered many choice pieces of wood collecting dust in the scrap wood pile. I am imagining a wonderful cold frame being built from them as well as making some various bird, butterfly, and bat houses.

Although I am banished to the indoors for the winter, fear not, I have plenty of winter plans. What are your plans?

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