Do NOT Copy

Do NOT Copy

I Think I Got a Little Carried Away

I went to bring Cheesehead some lunch and dinner yesterday at his new store since he was working open to close. When he does that he doesn't like to have to pack a lunch in the morning before he heads off to work, I don't blame him! I had told him ahead of time that I'd bring him his stuff because I only worked a half day and I actually like to be able to spend a little time with him each day.

In the course of our discussion over our lunch from the local BK, he happened to share with me the fact that their flowering bulbs were 75% off. He knew I had been eyeing up some bulbs but managed to restrain myself from buying any of them earlier in the season. I mentioned that I'd go check them out before I got the stuff he needed me to get to put in the work car's gas tank. I don't imagine he'd really thought about what a hog I would be after browsing for a few minutes.

They had such a wide variety of the lovely plants left I just couldn't resist their alluring temptations. At around $1 or $2 per package it was much harder to just say no. Look what followed me home!

I guess this means I have some more to do out in the garden before the ground freezes. I will be planting these honeys this weekend. I was thinking about waiting to move and divide some plants needing division until next spring but now I'm not so sure. Should I just get all of the beds done now so I can have a little more time to relax in the spring? I also want to mark where they were planted so they can come with me if/when we sell this house. We keep wavering with that decision. We love this house but hate his new commute. With two homes out of 6 already for sale in the neighborhood we know we won't be selling it this fall or winter.

Someone came by the display I set up to see what was going on. I think we may know which one is the plant eater... what do you think?

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