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Dad's Birthday

Today is not only Groundhog's Day, but it also would have been my dad's birthday. It's hard to believe that another year has already passed. Time flies so quickly it is almost impossible to keep track of it. This is the forth birthday that has passed since he passed away.

As I cleaned my craft room today I came across my dad's slides. I really think tonight will be a good night to look at some of them. I'm sure that most of the pictures I'm sharing with you were once among my grandpa's slides. I'm sure glad that some of them were made into pictures or we wouldn't have anything left since my dad's landlord so rudely threw out everything in the trailer that I had given to my uncle after my dad passed away.

This picture is a picture of my grandpa and grandma on the steps of the Tyler hospital on February 10, 1942. I assume that was the day she was discharged. Wow, 8 days in the hospital? That would NEVER happen with the insurance companies of today!

He sure was a cute little baby, wasn't he? Grandma was pretty good looking too I think. I feel sad sometimes that I never got the chance to meet her. I don't even remember my dad ever sharing specific memories of her with me. I suppose it was a bit painful to talk about since she died so young. Dad was in college when she died so my mom never even met her.

Dad was the oldest of the three children. My uncle was middle born and my aunt was the youngest. There were also a couple of foster sisters that show up occassionally in some of the pictures. My dad is the one sitting on the arm of the couch wearing the tie. He sure looked a lot like his dad, didn't he?

This is the last family picture of the four of us that I have. It was taken on my wedding day in 1996. I wonder why we never thought to get a picture of all of us and their grandchildren. We had a little over 10 years between the time this picture was taken and the time he left this world.

Happy birthday Dad, I love you!

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Hocking Hills Gardener said...

We daughters always miss our Daddy's. What a wonderful tribute to him Cindj. What a pretty bride too. :-)

CiNdEe said...

Happy Birthday to your dad! I enjoyed your post to him(-: I am sure he is smiling down on you too!

Corner Gardener Sue said...

I enjoyed your family photos. My parents have lots of slides from when I was younger. Now, my dad is into taking lots of digital photos, and prints out way more than I do.

My parents are on all kinds of medications, and I can see them age more and more. Larry's mom died from cancer at 62, on a February 2, the day before our daughter's 10th birthday, and his dad was 75. I don't know which is more painful, losing parents at a younger age, or seeing them become less capable.

This was a nice tribute to your dad.

Corner Gardener Sue said...

I love your wedding photo, by the way!

lisa said...

Great pictures! Thank you for sharing the memories, it's so nice to celebrate the blessings our loved ones brought into our's the best tribute, IMO. You made a lovely bride!