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Do NOT Copy

An End to the Diet Wars?

I have shared a little of our family's diet struggles with you before, but things have been going downhill fast. I put the whole family on the same eating patterns so Son wouldn't feel left out and we could support each other with our healthy eating habits. Despite several trips to the dietitian, Son was back to his old over-eating tricks. I had even portioned out all of the snacks into sandwich baggies to keep us from eating too many servings at one time. (I'm just too darn cheap to spend all of that extra money on the packaging materials for those ones that come individually prepackaged.) He just wasn't getting the fact that he should only have so much of a certain type of food per day. How do you keep track of all that you've eaten anyway? I guess I probably do that kind of thing too. I mean, it's easy to look at a food pyramid and decide what you SHOULD eat. Do you actually eat that way?

I was tired of acting like a police officer and reminding him to slow down all of the time. I decided that there must be a better way of getting the family to self regulate what we are eating. We have done food journals in the past, and while they are effective they are also time consuming. There had to be something else I could do that didn't require as much work and could be done quickly.

While cleaning up my craft room the other day, my eyes landed on the left over magnet pieces I had used for blocking unused vents to reduce our heating bills. They would be perfect to use with that rusty old baking sheet that Cheesehead had insisted I throw out. Quickly, I grabbed my permanent markers so the words wouldn't smear and got to work. To make it easier to find each food group, I color coded them. I wrote the portion sizes from the food pyramid he had been given by his dietitian under the name of the food group so he'd know how many of the magnets to move after he'd eaten.

I divided the sheet into two columns. One was titled "What can I eat?" and the other "What have I eaten?". Then all he had to do was move a few magnets from one column to the other.

I even had enough scraps left to make one for my daughter too so she wouldn't feel left out. They have been using it for five days now and they haven't gotten bored with it yet OR forgotten to use it after eating. Is this idea going to keep working? I sure hope so, I haven't had to remind them of anything they can or should eat since we started using this thing. YAY!

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