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Recently I shared with you all of the reasons and motivations behind our having to move away from our dream home, now we seem to have come to the conclusion that we won't end up being able to move no matter what. There are several influencing factors behind coming to this decision. It's really a very frustrating situation for us! Could you please pray that things work out for us?

There are lots of stress factors working against us moving right now. My husband found an oddity in my left breast the other day. It has my stomach tied up in knots since my mom had breast cancer a few years ago. I will be making an appointment tomorrow. I'm SO nervous!

Add to that the fact that our house has been on the market for almost a month and we had our first showing yesterday. While I haven't yet heard any feed back on this showing, I don't think people are going to be knocking down our door offering us large sums of money for our little piece of heaven on earth. Isn't the first month supposed to be the most active time for buyers looking at a house? Apparently no one is looking in this price point.

We were super excited about moving closer to hubby's work so we would once again have more family time together. His commute adds a two hour drive to his work day which is already long and is scheduled to get even longer very soon. Two hours is much longer than the 1/2 hour total drive he used to have. My husband and I found many nice homes in the new town we intended to move to, I mean there were at least 4 of them we could see ourselves in. They were all a bit less expensive than the home we currently live in so we assumed they were well within our price range, right? I mean if we can come up with a bigger mortgage we should have no problem coming up with a little less...

That is not the case though! No bank is willing to lend us money to buy one of these homes. With our recent forced foreclosure and ensuing credit card debt there is no chance we can get a mortgage with less than 20 % down through an in house loan at a local credit union. We built up that credit card debt trying to do the right thing and sell our house instead of just letting it go immediately like so many other people did. We rented it out for way less than our mortgage and ended up getting taken advantage of and got into an even bigger hole than we started in. Our so-called friend, who was one of two people living there, trashed the place and we had to spend even more money to fix it back up to the way it looked when we moved away in the first place. After a couple more months of trying to sell it we had to stop. We had placed ads to rent it out but didn't even get one phone call on three month long ad runs.

So, even though our debts are getting paid off, and paid in a timely fashion, the foreclosure totally messed everything up! Our credit cards all lowered our credit limits to less than 10% of our previous limits causing us to look like we spend over our credit limit routinely. (This totally messes with our credit report even more than the foreclosure.) That is SO wrong! We never had any problems with paying any of them on time, so I why did they feel the need to pull our credit reports anyway? (This also drives down our score because we've had too many inquiries on our report. I didn't ask for any more credit than I already had!) Some of them decided to close our accounts all together because they don't like seeing the foreclosure. (Further affecting our credit scores.)

So, because of this foreclosure we went from very low credit risk to one of the highest risk brackets. How can a score dive so far so fast?

We will only get about $14,000 out of our current house if we do get offered the full asking price (which is extremely doubtful). That amount will buy us about 1/2 of the home we currently own if it needs to be a 20% down payment. We NEED to have 20% down because we are such a high risk. We'd have to buy a total fixer upper. Not to mention the fact that I'd have to start all over again with my gardens!

Having put so much time and effort into this house, we really aren't feeling up to putting all of our efforts into fixing up another home at this point. I'm finally seeing an end to the to do list here and moving would just add SO much more work for me to do.

Is that list long enough for you? It's making my head ache just to think about it all.

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