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Home Made Reed Diffuser

I've been a bit upset today for a variety of reasons that I won't bore you with here, so I decided to finally make that reed diffuser I have been thinking about making for some time. I needed an inexpensive pick me up and I had all of the ingredients I needed to do it too.

I grabbed the bottle that I bought at our local Goodwill store for 99 cents. It needed a small neck and I chose a clear bottle so I could keep track of the fragrance level in it. The reason that diffusers have narrow necks is so the essential oils do not evaporate and are instead forced to travel up the wood to be disbursed throughout your room.

Next, I needed the reeds that would draw the oil up from inside the bottle and disperse it throughout the room. I decided that my bamboo skewers would work perfectly for that. If you deem that the points are sharp and/or dangerous they can easily be trimmed off. They should be twice as long as the container is tall. Once they have soaked in the oil for an hour or so, flip them over and put the dry end of the wood into the oil. This will help the oil wick up the wood.

For the carrier oil I have read that baby oil works well. As an added bonus it also has a pleasant smell to it. Other oils can also be used mineral, sweet almond, safflower, or sesame seed to name a few of the lighter varieties. I have also read that water can be used instead of oil, it just evaporates faster.

To the oil I added 2 Tbsp of 91% rubbing alcohol. The alcohol helps the oils wick up the reeds better. You can use other alcohol as well, this just seemed to be the most practical and inexpensive.

The last thing is to add your scents of choice. I added 4 different essential oils. Sweet orange, Bergamot, White Grapefruit, and Clary Sage essential oils, all of which are supposed to have mood lifting properties.

Add everything to your bottle, stir, and enjoy.

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